Business New ideas in the fight to keep business afloat...

New ideas in the fight to keep business afloat during the Pandemic


A local Chamber of Commerce has concocted an extraordinary method to help keep restaurants afloat during the pandemic.

The Monrovia Chamber of Commerce is offering a program giving a $10-off coupon for all take-out requests that are $30 or above at restaurants. Different organizations that are doing admirably support the program and repay the eateries the $10 so they can get more business.

“We’ll be occupied for around a few days straight and afterward it will be an apparition town the entire day,” said Michael Lipsky Friday, proprietor of The Monrovian, a pizza shop on Myrtle Avenue in Old Town.

He said keeping his business running during the pandemic has been a battle.

Yet, a few organizations in the territory are blasting and venturing up to help other people.

“I was a little upset that the eateries were losing such a lot of cash,” said Donna Baker, a realtor in Monrovia. “Out of my pocket, I gave four cafés around cash to give Monrovia residents food.”

Baker’s liberality is the means by which the Chamber of Commerce got the plan to do the coupons.

Lipsky said the program is now driving more pedestrian activity into his pizza shop.

“We get up each day and wasted no time until it’s an ideal opportunity to return home, so that is the thing that we’ll continue to do,” he said.

The coupons will be offered until January 31.


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