Food & Drink Manhattan Beach’s outdoor dining program to be limit from...

Manhattan Beach’s outdoor dining program to be limit from Jan. 3


The city of Manhattan Beach’s outdoor eating program lapses on Jan. 3, and some neighborhood entrepreneurs are disturbed that it won’t proceed with longer.

“We have an tremendous measure of people who simply don’t have any desire to feast inside. They need to be outside, they need to be the place where it’s ventilated, they need to be the place where they can have additional space from our guests,” said David LeFevre, proprietor of Fishing with Dynamite. “It additionally influences our group individuals, who like having our visitors fanned out in the restaurant.

David Slay, owner of Slay Restaurants, added that he doesn’t “think it was a savvy choice” to end the dining deck program.

“It’s as yet a difficult time with COVID and with the new outbreak,” Slay said.

Later Jan. 3, eateries in Manhattan Beach will have three days to bring down their outdoor dining decks.

In Hermosa Beach, however, the program has been extended through May.

“As we are confronting a resurgence or conceivable resurgence of COVID throughout the cold weather months, this is the sort of thing that the local area and the community felt like we expected to continue,” said Hermosa Beach Mayor Michael Detoy.

In a emailed statement, Manhattan Beach Mayor Hildy Stern said the decks have had “numerous” impacts, remembering for road neatness, traffic, safety and commotion, just as on businesses who depend on stopping that is currently being utilized for decks.

“The use of the public right-of-way for outdoor dining requires a comprehensive analysis that includes feedback from all stakeholders and careful consideration of all that we have learned since inception of the program,” Stern said. “That is why City Council directed City staff to thoroughly study this as a long-term option.

“Open air feasting on walkways, decks and other public right-of-ways isn’t impacted by this change, and is generally accessible all through Manhattan Beach.”

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