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Los Angeles City Councilman Gil Cedillo Celebrates U.S. House Passing Immigration Bill


Los Angeles City Councilman Gil Cedillo Thursday commended the U.S. Place of Representatives’ section of a bill that would give a pathway to citizenship to a large number of “Dreamers,” individuals who emigrated as children and are living in the U.S. without true authorization.

“Our young (“Dreamers”) went to the United States with no flaw of their own. They are an illustration of the dynamic quality of immigrants who have resulted in these present circumstances country since it was established, to improve a life for themselves, Cedillo said.

Rivals say the bill would remunerate individuals for overstepping the law, empowers illicit movement and damages American workers.

The bill passed Thursday almost along partisan divisions, 228-197, with nine Republicans voting yes. Whenever embraced, it would make a lasting lawful pathway to citizenship for about 2.5 million immigrants who entered the country unlawfully just as those granted temporary ensured status because of helpful reasons.

“I commend this choice as undocumented immigrants who are a foundation of the economy might be protected from extradition when a comprehensive movement law with a pathway to citizenship is passed by the two places of Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden,” Cedillo said.

Cedillo noticed that this bill is an illustration of why races are so significant and that to keep on passing bills this way, Angelenos must “advocate, become residents, register and vote in the forthcoming 2022 races to guarantee that comprehensive movement change turns into a reality.”

The bill faces a tough battle for entry in the Senate where 10 Republicans would be needed to cast a ballot with each Democrat to endorse it.

As an assemblyman, Cedillo composed the 2011 California Dream Act, which permitted children who were brought to the United States without authorization when they were younger than 16 and gone to class consistently and meet in-state educational cost and GPA necessities to apply for understudy monetary guide benefits at state colleges and universities.

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