News L.A Police Protective League is calling for an investigation...

L.A Police Protective League is calling for an investigation into contract awarded for COVID-19 testing


The Los Angeles Police Protective League is requiring an examination concerning the contract granted for COVID-19 testing, charging irreconcilable circumstances and ethical violations.

City employees, including police officials and firefighters, who aren’t vaccinated must be tried for COVID-19 two times seven days at an expense of $65 per test, which is deducted from their checks.

Those tests should be performed by Bluestone, as indicated by Detective Jamie McBride, director of the Los Angeles Police Protective League.

Bluestone is possessed by PPS Health, which is to some extent claimed by Pedram Salimpour, who serves on the Board of Fire and Police Pension Commissioners, which handles retirement benefits for some city employees.

Salimpour has likewise added to the missions of a few city authorities, McBride said.

“They in a real sense just gave more than a $3 million contract to a political donor who is likewise a city commissioner. I think anybody strolling down the road, if you ask them, they will say this doesn’t finish the smell test,” McBride said.

The LAFPP said in an explanation that Salimpour “was not locked in nor part of the audit and confirming cycle concerning the COVID-19 testing contract.”

Salimpour has not yet remarked, yet there may not be an issue, as indicated by Jessica Levinson, a professor at Loyola Law School and previous leader of the L.A. Ethics Commission.

“Since somebody is a donor, since they have associations, doesn’t imply that they are precluded with them later working with the city, essentially,” Levinson said.

Furthermore, the city’s Personnel Department detailed that they screened seven merchants for this no-bid contract, and Bluestone was picked in light of the fact that it was the main organization that could offer an assortment of administrations at a competitive rate, adding that Bluestone has likewise accomplished good work for the county.

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