Business How Consistency And Patience Helped Derek Build More Plates...

How Consistency And Patience Helped Derek Build More Plates More Dates


Derek is not new to the Men’s Self Improvement space. He has been working consistently and relentlessly for 10 years, on a journey to better not only himself but also better the lives of others through his one-stop shop, “More Plates More Dates.”

To stay ahead of the curve, Derek will often spend multiple hours per day immersed in research papers, interpreting clinical studies, and compiling his findings into palatable and practical content. More Plates More Dates is a unique hybrid of men’s self-improvement related content as it not only features commonly discussed lifestyle related topics, but it also explores very obscure topics like pharmacology, hormone optimization, and biohacking.  He leaves no Men’s Health topic untouched, discussing on his website, for example, bodybuilding, health, hormones, hair loss prevention, diet, nutrition, supplementation, dating, lifestyle and more! 

Derek’s YouTube channel currently has over 325 thousand subscribers and over 70 million views, the majority of which have come in the past year and a half. Derek attributes his more recent success to the foundation he built via years of consistency and patience. This includes reaching targets within his business, as well as metrics like subscribers on Youtube. Derek believes that when you love your business and are passionate about it, success follows. 

Although Derek stays busy with content creation, he is also the founder of a dietary supplements company called Gorilla Mind, which sells cognitive enhancing supplements, pre-workout formulations, and an array of other products geared towards health and performance. Gorilla Mind launched in December of 2017, and has slowly but surely started to make a name for itself in the supplement industry. Much like his social media, the success of Gorilla Mind was not overnight, and it took a couple years before it really started picking up steam. Derek also attributes this to the same patience and consistency. “If you put out high quality products and consistently put out high quality information, it is just a matter of time before you start getting some traction”, he explains. 

Fast-forward to 2020 and Derek used his experience in the hormone optimization space to launch Marek Health, a hormone replacement therapy clinic that provides concierge-level health care. Getting into the telemedicine space has been an aspiration of Derek’s for years. 

Oftentimes successful entrepreneurs or companies seem to come out of nowhere, but the reality is that more often than not, those companies, or the entrepreneurs behind those companies, have been diligently working in the shadows for years. 

Everyone sees the wins, but nobody sees the losses, or the years that went into building the big wins. 

Behind every successful entrepreneur, there is a story, and it often isn’t an overnight one.

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