Banking & Finance EDD benefits cannot be accessed from Bank of America...

EDD benefits cannot be accessed from Bank of America due to fraud Suspicions; Thousands of people were in crisis


LOS ANGELES — Mandy Styles was in tears as she related her experience as a casualty of EDD extortion.

“I am separated from everyone else, so I have no family. I have nobody to back me up,” she said.

Styles, who lives in West Los Angeles, had her EDD Bank of America charge card depleted a month ago.

“Like, all the cash was gone,” she said. “It’s $6,800. It doesn’t seem as though a great deal to certain individuals however to me it was everything.”

Despite the fact that Styles said the charge card never left her ownership, her record was utilized to burn through thousands on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

“I called EDD on the card and they put me on pause for five hours and afterward hung up on me,” she said.

Styles recorded a police report, and she said Bank of America disclosed to her it was EDD’s concern to understand.

media detailed about the fraudsters depleting the records of jobless Californians in October. Around then, the EDD office said 350,000 charge card accounts had been frozen because of suspected misrepresentation.

“It’s very deplorable that Californians have endured because of con artists the nation over,” the EDD office said in an articulation to news network on Thursday. “The EDD is devoted to doing all that conceivable to guarantee real inquirers get the advantages they are qualified to get while working with our government, state and nearby accomplices, including Bank of America, to close down deceitful cases and deal with wrongdoers.”

Gabriel Rodriguez, who lives in Corona, said he is currently destitute after his record was depleted of $1,600.

“Any relative that would take me in, that is the place where I was at,” he said.

As per an assertion he composed on the web, EDD removed the cash from his record. At that point, Bank of America froze it so he was unable to get to any of his approaching joblessness reserves.

“And afterward I got a letter via the post office from Bank of America revealing to me my case was shut and that was a ultimate choice and they wouldn’t discount me that cash,” Rodriguez said.

This week, Congresswoman Maxine Waters got down on Bank of America for what she called “unsatisfactory” conduct, for permitting EDD check cards to be “frozen, shut, or depleted without notice.”

“And afterward, individuals can’t find any solutions,” she said. “They call EDD and they state ‘it’s not on us,’ call Bank of America, and afterward Bank of America says ‘call EDD.'”

Waters said Bank of America needs to discount the cash to potential misrepresentation casualties right away.

“It isn’t the bank that will lose any cash,” she said. “The bank is getting paid for accomplishing the work for us.”

In an explanation to media, Bank of American stated: “The program is shockingly filled with billions of dollars in extortion. Crooks have discovered approaches to take cash from the state and the charge cards of real joblessness beneficiaries. We are working intimately with the state to get authentic petitioners their assets however the criminal extortion makes it trying.

We have helped stop billions of dollars in burglary by these crooks and secured citizen dollars, in association with state and law implementation authorities. The records being referred to were frozen at the state’s solicitation because of the huge measure of misrepresentation in the application cycle. We anticipate preparation Chairwoman Waters on the degree of joblessness extortion, including an extremely high level of the records she featured that speak to false action.”


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